11: Cats love Cardboard!

P1020934Cats are contrary creatures. How many times have you bought your pampered puss a new toy or cat bed, only to find they’d rather just get in the box? It’s almost become a cliche. I’ve done it lots of times. In fact, we have a box full of little cat toys, plastic mice, little balls with bells in them, that either we’ve bought or have been given as gifts. All completely discarded after a cursory glance. They have more fun playing with a piece of string on the end of a stick – literally! – and that doesn’t cost anything.

So, this one is for all you pet lovers; whether you share your home with a cat, a dog, a guinea pig, some goldfish, a rabbit…Do they really need to be playing with plastic toys? Of course not. If you must buy a toy, look out for one made from natural materials. You can even get ones that are specifically designed to be good for your dog’s teeth. Mind you, I once knew a dog whose favourite toy was a thick broccoli stalk. He could chew on that thing for hours. Luckily, his owner ate a lot of broccoli.

Resolve to only buy your pets toys that aren’t plastic from now on. Better still, make some yourself. There are tons of craft websites that will show you how. Here are 3 DIY dog toy ideas from Country Living magazine to get you started:

If you love your pets that much, you’ll want to help look after the planet. It’s their home too. Happy playing!