About Me

It doesn’t really matter who I am. It doesn’t matter if I’m male or female, young or old, black, white or any other shade of human. It doesn’t matter if I believe in God, it doesn’t matter if I don’t. For the purposes of this blog, all that matters is that I live on planet Earth and care enough to try and do something, no matter how small, about the human impact on our home. Every day I see another news item about wildlife being starved and choked by plastic; by the huge, growing piles of plastic waste around the world; washed up on beaches thousands of miles from the factories that created them; even turning up in the human food chain. I had to do something, no matter how small, because I couldn’t stand it any more. I’m not a politician or charity worker or celebrity endorser. I’m just another human being – like you – and while I’m alive, and the planet still supports my existence, I must make a change to the way I live and the impact I make on my environment. So, I have challenged myself to start with me first – because that’s really the only place to start. I will attempt to come up with 365 ways to reduce the amount of plastic I buy and use – one for every day of the year. It might take me more than a year, but I will try to make these ideas useful, simple and ultimately effective. If one other person out there tries my suggestions, then my attempt has been doubly worthwhile. If that one person inspires another, who inspires another, then who knows? Maybe the change will eventually make a big difference. I hope I see it in my lifetime.


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