36: Scrub myself with plastic? That’s a bit odd, now I think about it!

shirtless baby boy in galvanized tub

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The last post spoke about using loofahs outside the bathroom. For all of you who are troubled by things like that, we’ve put the loofah back where it belongs with this post!

We’re talking about exfoliants….things we use to scrub the dead skin of our bodies and leave ourselves feeling all soft and lovely. Not so lovely for the planet if we choose to do that with plastic.

For quite a while, there’s been a fashion for those plastic, scrunchie, flower-shaped things (I call them buff-puffs, but I’m sure they have other names), and you can find them in thousands of bathrooms, hanging in the shower or perched on the side of the tub. They worked well because the scrunched-up plastic was a good abrasive on the skin without ripping a couple of layers off, they were waterproof, and you could even disinfect them in the microwave. Of course, a big selling point was that they last for ages. That’s also the worst thing about them – they actually last FOREVER! When you, your grandchildren, and their grandchildren are gone, that pretty piece of plastic will still exist somewhere in the world. It’s quite a thought.

So, please consider never buying one again. And please don’t buy them as a gift for a friend either (I’ve been given several over the years, in lovely little boxes with other bath products). There are plenty of alternatives. Loofahs, of course, do a brilliant job and are totally natural. Or there are lots of lovely wooden brushes with natural bristles for scrubbing the skin. Or pumice stones. Or there are tons of different body scrubs and soaps featuring all kinds of ingredients, from oats to sea salt, that make great gifts too. (Obviously, look for ones that don’t come in plastic pots.) Or you can buy lovely cloths or ‘mittens’ made of natural, abrasive fabrics like hemp. The Body Shop even sell one made of cactus fibres – you can’t get much more abrasive than cactus! Is that enough options to be getting on with?

It’s odd now to think that we accepted, as perfectly normal, that it’s nice to scrub our skin with plastic. All those little fibres that have gone down the plughole and into the water systems of the planet will be there forever, going round and round and round. We can’t remove it, but let’s stop adding to it. Grab that cactus fibre body mitt and start scrubbing!


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