22: Water shouldn’t cost the earth.

nature water blue abstract

Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

Today is forecast to be the hottest day of the year in the UK – for the fourth day running! Yes, it’s hot. Way hotter than us weather-obsessed Brits are used to. But it’s not just here in England. It seems like the whole planet is catching fire this year.

One of the most important things to remember in this heat is water – keep hydrated and drink more water than you normally do. And here’s a dilemma. While you’re out and about, travelling to work or out enjoying the sunshine, it’s easy to stop off at a shop or cafe and reach for some water in a shiny, new, plastic bottle. And the chances are, that plastic IS new because those bottles are often not recycled at all – even if you put them in your own recycle bin.

Now, let’s get sensible about this. You know it’s going to be hot out there; you know you’re going to get thirsty, so either leave the house prepared or find an alternative to that plastic bottle that will take you minutes to drink from and forever to lie around on the planet causing trouble. Here are other things you can do:

  • Invest in a reusable water bottle that you can fill up at home and can keep in your bag when you’re out. Lightweight metal ones keep your drink colder than plastic ones and will last for years – and they’re easy to recycle. Bamboo reusable coffee cups are also good for keeping liquid at the right temperature and are very environmentally friendly.
  • If you must buy bottled water when you’re out, choose one in a glass bottle rather than a plastic one. Did you know that glass can keep being recycled for ever and ever? It’s also much easier to wash and re-use it yourself.
  • When it’s hot like it is right now, most cafes, pubs, restaurants, eateries in the UK (and probably anywhere else in the world) will oblige you with a glass of free tap water, even if you don’t buy anything else, and especially if you have children with you. Just make sure you ask politely. I’ve asked plenty of times and have never been refused. It’s actually good for business, because the chances are I’ll go back there when I want to buy something.

And remember, we are extremely fortunate in the so-called ‘developed’ world to have drinking water on tap – literally! – so fill up at home before you go out. Plan ahead, just a little, and you’ll never have to buy bottled water again…unless it’s an emergency, of course. Anything other than an emergency is laziness. Was that a bit harsh? It’s true….and it’s hot!


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