21: File it under ‘less plastic.’

For those who work in offices, or in home offices like me, you’ve probably noticed just how much plastic you’re surrounded by every day. If you haven’t noticed…why not?

Much of the plastic in offices is more than single use, so don’t chuck away things that are going to be perfectly useful for a long period of time. But when those things do need replacing, consider buying non-plastic versions next time. In fact, don’t just consider it – do it!

Here’s one to start with: Despite what we were promised in the 1970s by Tomorrow’s World (for those who are old enough to remember it!), the rise of the computer has not resulted in a paper-free office. Most of us probably have tons of paper tucked away in box files and ring binders. Paper and cardboard filing solutions are usually much cheaper than plastic ones and do exactly the same job. They might not last quite as long as plastic ones (which, unfortunately for the planet, last for ever!), but they will last for many years if you don’t make a habit of chucking them at your colleagues.

So, the next time you’re at the stationers looking for filing solutions, choose the environmentally-friendly ones and file that under ‘A Little Less Plastic!’


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