16: Football, beer – what more do you need?

Did you know there was a World Cup on? Yes, so did I. And on a lovely, warm summer’s evening, what more do you need except a big TV and some beer (or soft drink of your choice)?

I’ll tell you what we don’t need: those annoying plastic ‘ringos’ that hold 4 cans together. Not only are they annoying for humans to pull off and chuck away, they’re absolutely lethal for wildlife. Millions of birds, animals and fish get caught up in those every year with devastating results.

Why do we need them? Simply so that a person can carry four cans of beer or soft drinks with one hand. Well, this is where I get tough – if you’re man (or woman) enough to drink four cans of lager, you’re man (or woman) enough to carry them with two hands! Or use a reusable bag and put them in there! Seriously!!

Now, in some supermarkets it’s actually cheaper to buy four cans, held together with a piece of plastic, than four seperate cans with no plastic at all. Why? How does that work? Don’t let them get away with it! Pick up four single cans and demand that they sell them to you for the same price (as long as the quantity of liquid is the same, of course). OR buy bottles, which don’t have those stupid ringos on them, instead. It goes without saying that you will then recycle the glass bottles and tin cans.

Even better, invite some friends round and splash out on a box – yes, cardboard box – of 12 beers with no plastic anywhere at all. Or more than 12 if you have lots of friends. The same goes for soft drinks.

DISCLAIMER: This blog is not advocating the use of alcohol. If you must drink, be alcohol aware, and never, ever drink and drive. Thank you.


flat screen television

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com


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