13: Cruelty-Free Plastic-Free

As we reach idea number 13 (only 352 to go!) it occurs to me that some of you might now be trying out new products and changing the things you put in your shopping bags – hopefully! I’m doing it too.

While I start to alter my ways and move towards a more plastic-free lifestyle, I remember that this blog was inspired by images I’d seen of wildlife around the world being strangled, starved and killed by the single-use plastic we’ve all thrown in the bin. I just don’t want to do that anymore, which is why I’ve set myself this ridiculous challenge! But that wish to protect our planet’s wildlife as much as possible extends to the products themselves, whether they’re covered in plastic or not. I’m talking about Cruelty-Free.

Some of the sharp-eyed shoppers among you will be used to looking out for the ‘leaping bunny’ logo that appears on products that are made without being tested on animals. And be advised that ‘testing’ on animals usually means ultimately ‘killing’ animals. There’s no getting around that.

So, if you want to make sure that you’re not protecting some animals while others are being killed for your sun cream, lipstick, toilet cleaner, shampoo, etc., there is a simple way to check. Cruelty Free International have a website, updated regularly, where you can check whether or not a product is cruelty free, including household products. You can even check whether it’s vegan or vegetarian. Simply visit:


It’s well worth taking a look and adjusting your shopping list, should you wish to. All of these are ideas and none of it is compulsory. Of course, many cruelty-free brands are still using single-use plastic in their products, particularly cosmetics companies, but I guess you can’t fix everything at once!

Keep a look out for that bunny!


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