12: It’s getting hot in here!

macro photography of black sunglasses on sand

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com

As the UK, and many other parts of the world, bake under an unseasonably hot summer sun, thoughts turn to one thing: No, not barbecues and sun cream…deodorant!

Of course, this is an essential for all but the most naturally angelic-smelling people, and it goes without saying that it’s better to buy a deodorant in an aerosol tin can than a plastic one – at least a tin can be recycled. But I’ve found a better solution.

Lush Cosmetics, among others, now make a solid deodorant that looks like a bar of soap. Completely plastic-free (they wrap it in paper), lasts for ages, and it’s even vegan friendly. I’ve tried it, and it really works! It’s not an anti-perspirant – most of those contain aluminium, which is not only bad for the environment, but not great for your body either – so you will still sweat a little, but when you do, you stay smelling beautifully fresh.

Another bonus with a bar deodorant is that you can slice a piece off, wrap it in paper and take it on holiday with you without having to surrender it at the airport. Because, of course, it’s not a liquid. To use it you simply dampen it and rub it on.

Lush solid deodorants start at about £4.95, which is about twice the price of a ‘regular’ deodorant, but it easily lasts about 4 or 5 times longer (depending on normal use – you might use more if you’re a blacksmith or fire eater!) so it’s actually much cheaper in the long run. I’ve had mine since February, used it every day and still have only got through about 10% of the bar.

You can also buy crystal deodorants, mostly available from places like health food shops, but I’ve yet to find one that isn’t sheathed in plastic. So, while these are healthier for you and the ozone layer, the purpose of this blog is to eliminate single-use plastic so they’ll have to stay on the shelf for now…unless you find one in a glass container.

So, get out there, enjoy the sunshine, and stay smelling sweet without filling the world with more plastic. It can be done!


4 thoughts on “12: It’s getting hot in here!

    • Great! That’s really usefu for people to know. High Street shops like Holland & Barrett sell crystal deodorant but only in plastic tubes. I tried crystal ones, and they really work, but I must admit I love the Lush solid one. Mostly because it’s easier to carry on travels because I can slice off a piece and it weighs hardly anything. For all the crystal fans – check out Natural Spa Supplies. Thank you for letting us know.

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  1. I’m not sure if these deo bars are available in India (where I live), but you’ve definitely made me conscious about my current bottles – and the one that’s on my shopping list right now! I’m so conscious about single use plastic bags & water bottles, but somehow just never gave this any thought. This blog of yours is great, please keep providing such solutions and simple ways to make a change!


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