6: You are not alone!

As I published post Number 5 and sent it out into the internet ether, I thought: ‘That’s 5 ideas down, 360 more to go – eek!’ That’s an awful lot of ideas to come up with, just about plastic. Maybe I should have settled on 25 or even 12.

But then something started to happen. People started to send me ideas without even being asked to. Ideas that I hadn’t thought of, and info on other organisations and websites that were doing the same thing and with the same intention. Suddenly 365 wasn’t so scary because I realised I didn’t have to do this alone. None of us do. And now the challenge is not quite as overwhelming.

So today’s tip is: COME OUT OF THE PLASTIC CLOSET! Tell your friends that you want to reduce your addiction to plastic, especially single-use plastic. The chances are that they will say ‘me too,’ and then perhaps they’ll say: ‘Did you know about this or that? Have you seen this documentary? Did you know you can buy bamboo toothbrushes here?’ and many other useful pieces of advice. Whether we like it or not, we are all connected, and all we have to do to get the web moving is to start tickling our own little thread on it. (I’m talking about an analogous web and not the interweb!…although you can start there if you like)

Trying to give up any habit is difficult. Doing it with someone else cuts the struggle in half, it really does. Strength in numbers is a real thing. So here are a couple of great bits of sharing that I’ve received from friends on my own web in the last couple of days:

Did you know about Plastic Free July? A challenge to ‘Choose to Refuse’ single-use plastic for a whole month. They have lots of tips, and you won’t be doing it alone. The link is below, and thanks to Mairead for telling me about it:

There is also lots of info on the BBC website, inspired by David Attenborough’s incredibly moving, award-winning ‘Blue Planet’ documentaries. There are tips, facts and advice on there, as well as plenty of inspiring stories from around the world. The link is below, and thanks to Sarah for sharing it with me:

So, don’t be shy. Tell a friend, or two or three, and we can each be responsible for one less piece of plastic choking our planet. Start tickling that cobweb!


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