1: Go wash your mouth out with soap!

This all started when I was walking round the house one day counting how many products there were encased in plastic containers. There were far too many! The greatest number were in the bathroom and kitchen, and four of them contained soap for washing  – four plastic bottles that we just didn’t need: 1 x handwash in the kitchen, 1 x handwash in the downstairs loo, 1 x handwash in the bathroom, and 1 x shower gel in the bathroom. All of these could be replaced with simple bars of soap, especially if they come wrapped in paper. Or better still, not wrapped at all. Your budget will determine what kind of bar soap you buy. If you’ve got lots of spare cash, there are plenty of lovely smelling, artisan type soaps that can cost anything up to £5 or more. If you don’t want to pay that, why not ask for some as a gift on your birthday or Christmas? If your budget is down the other end, pretty much all supermarkets and high street chemists offer their own brands of bar soap at a surprisingly low cost. Sainsburys, for example, sell 4 x 125g of Pure Soap for £1.20 – That’s just 30p per bar. Swapping your plastic-clad shower gel for a bar of soap – even an expensive one – will last longer, save you money, and put a little less plastic into the world. If you prefer to choose cruelty free or vegan products, Lush Cosmetics have a fabulous range of soaps. Superdrug, Sainsburys, Waitrose and other high street stores also boast that their own brand products are cruelty free (you can check who is cruelty free here: https://www.crueltyfreeinternational.org/LeapingBunny ).
Don’t forget to visit craft fairs and independent gift shops for bar soaps too. Why not give them to your friends as gifts and help them to start reducing the plastic? Happy shopping.


2 thoughts on “1: Go wash your mouth out with soap!

  1. Loving this Jackie, it’s such a good idea to look at the little things you can do each day, and see how that adds up!
    Possible blog idea – Look for local schemes. In BSE we have the Best Before Project, which you can donate items to or get items from that have a Best Before date, but haven’t gone beyond a Use By date. Some of these will be in plastic, but at least if you use the contents first, there is less going into landfill. Plus you can recycle/reuse the plastic as appropriate, thus reducing plastic wastage.

    I hope someone does a Zero waste shop here soon!

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